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Updated Czech VAT rate tables

The VAT rate is a percentage fee imposed by the government on the purchase price of goods and services. VAT rates vary throughout EU member states.
VAT rate in Czech Republic is generally charged in a standard rate of 21% on supplies of goods and services.

As provided under Article 47 on VAT Act, there are two reduced VAT rate in Czech Republic. A reduced VAT rate of 15% and 10%, both consolidated in 12% after 2024. There are also several of services that are exempt from Czech VAT.


Czech Republic – VAT Rates


Standard VAT rate

A standard VAT (Value-Added Tax) rate is each country’s most typical VAT rate applied to goods and services. It is applied to the majority of goods and services, with some exceptions, such as essential items or other specific goods or services that may have a reduced rate and are presented below.
Rate Good or Services
21% All other taxable goods and services

Reduced VAT rates

Certain goods and services are eligible for reduced VAT rates.  as essential items or other specific goods or services that may have a reduced rate and are presented below. As of January 1st 2024 the Czech republic consolidated the two reduced VAT rates to one of 12%
Rate Good or Services
12% First Reduced VAT rate on certain goods or services (from 15% before 2024)
Repairing specific medical equipment and mobility aid such as wheelchairs
Transportation, collection, preparation, and municipal waste
Passengers’ transportation and luggage via air travel
Social services that do not the requirements for tax exemption
Services provided by writers and performers (excluding the licensing of their work or artistic performances, as well as the services of independent journalists)
Services related to funerals and their associated activities
Food products, such as non-alcoholic beverages and animal feed, with the exemption of baby food and related items
Botanical items
Devices designed for people with disabilities, such as braille paper
Medicines and medical equipment excluding medicines subject to the second reduced VAT rate
Car seats designed for children
Art, antiques and collector’s items to be brought to Czech may be subject to special regulations for restrictions
12% Second Reduced VAT rate (From 10% before 2024)
  Purifying and providing water to the public through pipelines
  Transportation of a large number of passengers and their luggage via and land and sea, which also includes ski lifts
  Systems and facilities for the removal and treatment of wastewater, along with additional supporting services
  Services related to providing lodging or accommodations
  Services related to food and drink such as in restaurants and cafes, but tobacco products are excluded.
  Admission to venues such as cinemas, museums and other cultural events
  Services provided from the library like lending books, periodicals and other materials
  Household cleaning services
  Home care for children, elderly, sick and disabled individuals
  Access to gyms, fitness centers, recreational facilities, sporting events, fireworks, light and sound shows
  Services related to the operation of recreational parks and beaches
  Repairs to footwear, leather products, clothing, and textiles
  Bicycle repairs
  Hairdressing and barbers’ services
  Turkish baths, saunas, steam baths, and salt caves
  Baby food and formulas
  Mill products, including certain cereals, potatoes, and dried legumes
  Malt, starches, and wheat gluten
  Processed cereal products and ready-mix gluten-free products
  Drinking water
  Various medicines and pharmaceuticals for medical and veterinary purposes
  Coloring books

Zero rated products

Intra-community supplies


Last Updated: 05/12/2023


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