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Referral Program: Our brand, our service
Just refer your clients to us and we will do all the work. We offer a straightforward and simple commission system for every engaged customer.

Reseller Program: Your brand, our service
Working under our Partner Fee Schedule, you deal directly with all your customers and set your prices while we provide VAT specialized services for them.

White-label Program: Your brand, your service
This is a fully customized program where we deliver our specialized VAT service acting as your own personnel. Besides, you will benefit from our Partner Fee Schedule.


Global VAT Compliance - Partnership

GVC Partner Program
Why choose GVC Partner Program?


Increase revenue
GVC Partner Program will add a competitive advantage by expanding and improving your offering with a related service creating a significant growth in your sales. Providing specialized VAT services will not only add a brand-new income stream but it will also increase your company revenue.
Expand your offering
Becoming a GVC Partner means that specialized VAT compliance services are now part of your own offering, creating a well-rounded portfolio of solutions for your customers. Whether you are looking for a horizontal or vertical integration, you will improve your service and better meet the needs of your customers.
Strengthen your position
Having a new competitive advantage by adding VAT services will make your business a one-stop solution to current and potential customers strengthening your positioning, increasing your visibility and attracting bigger clients.
Focus on core business
By outsourcing your non-core business, you can keep focused on your main service, growth strategy and objectives. Let Global VAT Compliance take care of VAT services for you, making sure companies do what they do best, enhancing customer experience and support.
VAT Compliance Full GVC coverage
VAT Registration
VAT Filing
Related returns
VAT Advisory
VAT Audits
Customer Care Dedicated accountmanager for your clients
Dedicated agent for your company
Customization Customized mytaxflow
Use of  company’s email domain
Customized email signature
Monetizing Straight forward commission system
Premium Fee Scheme


Why choose Global VAT Compliance

We promise you:
Global expertise
All services under one roof
Rooted knowledge


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