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As eCommerce continues to grow exponentially, effective VAT compliance becomes imperative for businesses aiming to capitalize on global markets. Our team of seasoned tax professionals specializes in the e-commerce sector, offering expert knowledge of international VAT regulations and tailored support.

We ensure your operations are fully VAT compliant, allowing you to focus on expanding your online business across borders with confidence.

Global VAT Compliance - eCommerce

For eCommerce businesses

eCommerce Sellers
As e-commerce sales continue to surge across the EU, VAT regulations are constantly evolving. Our firm is equipped to expertly assess and address your company’s VAT requirements, ensuring compliance with the latest standards. View more
OSS (One stop shop)
The One Stop Shop (OSS) simplifies VAT obligations for businesses by allowing them to register and pay VAT in a single EU member state for all intra-EU sales.View more
Multi-Country Inventory or MCI (2 to 5 countries)
With MCI, you are able to choose which countries you ship and store your stock in. Your products will be closer to your customers and you’ll save on cross-border EFN fees. View more
Pan-European FBA (6-7 Countries)
Whether you are using Pan-European FBA, MCI or EFN, we have a solution for your online business. We have a dedicated Amazon VAT team. View more

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VAT & GST for eCommerce business

Global eCommerce sales of goods and services are experiencing rapid growth, with large digital platforms eliminating geographic barriers and enabling sellers to access customers internationally. Examples of clients we support include:

  • Internationall eCommerce businesses distributing products to the EU and adjacent markets (including Switzerland and Norway), either directly or through regional platforms.
  • European e-commerce businesses are broadening their operations globally, strategically selling goods from the EU to various international markets via their individual eCommerce platforms or marketplaces.
For individual e-commerce owners, including Shopify and marketplace sellers, we offer registration services tailored to the jurisdictions of your interest. View our contact options




Navigating the complexities of international VAT can be daunting and time-consuming for individual e-commerce sellers and marketplace sellers. Challenges include:

  • The intricacies of each country’s unique tax system.
  • The ever-changing global tax environment.

To address these challenges, Global VAT Compliance offers:

  • Dedicated experts to manage your VAT compliance.
  • Tailored support, allowing you to focus on expanding your business.

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