About Global VAT Compliance

FTI Global VAT Compliance is based in the Netherlands and has a dedicated focus on internet retailers – specifically for Amazon 3P Seller who have to deal with the complex VAT requirements. Our key characteristics are:

Tax Specialists

As our name suggests, our sole focus is on providing bespoke and specialist Indirect tax compliance. You can enjoy peace of mind that you will receive the highest quality tax support with no distractions or agenda.

Independent advice

Our independence ensures that we will always work without any audit conflicts, so you will receive the best possible tax support. You can be assured that our solutions will be in your best interest, not ours.

Global view, local knowledge

Our in-depth understanding of the tax systems of different countries, together with an awareness of the risks associated with cross-border transactions, will enhance your tax planning and help you avoid costly mistakes.

About FTI Consulting

FTI Global VAT Compliance is part of FTI Consulting, a global business advisory firm that provides multi-disciplinary solutions to a range of business challenges and opportunities. We are fully independent and, because we do not provide statutory auditing services, you can be confident that independence conflicts will never arise during the course of our work. Together with FTI Consulting’s European Tax Service group and the FTI Global Tax Network (fti.tax), we can cover all your Tax aspects, including Coporate Income Tax and Transfer Pricing.

We pride ourselves on delivering a seamless one-stop shop VAT service, blending our advisory expertise with our knowledge of compliance obligations, local market regulations and the latest software and systems. So instead of worrying about your VAT obligations, you can instead focus on maximising the potential of your business.

Contact us

Arnoud Bakker
E: arnoud.bakker@fticonsulting.com
T: +31 70 308 3112
M: +31 6 8161 5482

Henk Hop
E: henk.hop@fticonsulting.com
T: +31 70 308 3111
M: +31 6 8161 5481

Paul Bakker

E: paul.bakker@fticonsulting.com
T: +31 70 308 3110
M: +31 6 380 77 876

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