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Easier and faster so your business keeps on expanding


We’ve been working hard to improve Mytaxflow, and we believe the new version will help you be more efficient with your VAT compliance tasks.









  What is new about Mytaxflow? 

In our new Mytaxflow, we ensured that the navigation is faster and the interface is user-friendly and intuitive. The system is designed to  give a clear visual overview of all the tasks and their progress and guide you if any action is required from your side.


Additionally, we added a minimal yet modern design for your effortless navigation.




What does the new Mytaxflow mean for your business



With the new Mytaxflow, your company will have a wide range of options for automating taxes, increasing efficiency, and improving the process of VAT filling or VAT registration.







Mytaxflow features:






Get a clear overview of the progress of requested services from start to finish.




  The task center


The key section of the new mytaxflow. An intuitive interface allows you to monitor and perform tasks required for your VAT Compliance or registration. No more hidden instructions or unclear process paths.


My Company 


Centralized information regarding your company such as company details, requested services, VAT numbers, VAT declarations, invoices, payments and archived files.

Message center


You can find all additional communication with GVC users regarding your account. Additionally, you can respond to existing communication or compile a new message.









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Logging in to the new version of Mytaxflow can be done via the button below. The most common questions are answered in the Mytaxflow FAQ.
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User Guide Helpdesk
The Mytaxflow User guide explains all new features, step by step. Do you have questions or issues? Our helpdesk is here to assist.
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