Μytaxflow technology


Global VAT Compliance uses Mytaxflow technology to manage your VAT compliance obligations.

This specialized state-of-the-art platform offers you a secure environment to have at any time a real time overview on all your tax processes and documents.

Mytaxflow - Global VAT Compliance

        Why Mytaxflow

  • Easy to use state-of-the-art portal which helps manage all VAT compliance obligations worldwide.
  • Can be simply adapted to your specific requirements.
  • Designed to deal with all your filing obligations, upload data, monitor progress and approve returns.
  • Offers a complete insight for all opened and submitted VAT returns, including a full audit trail.
  • Our cloud based storage ensures full data security.
  • VAT calendar and a cockpit containing all your upcoming VAT returns and deadlines.
  • Help you save time through process driven mail messaging.
  • You can always log into your Mytaxflow account in mytaxflow.com
All data is secure and only accessible for users with permission.
Multiple user roles
Mytaxflow is designed to separate data on several levels and has multiple user roles.
Cloud based storage
The system makes use of state of the art technique and cloud based storage to ensure security by means of ISO and NEN certificates.
Excellent maintenance
The system is maintained on a daily basis.

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Mytaxflow Cloud VAT / GST reporting solution
Basic principles of Mytaxflow



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