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What are the VAT rates for all EU countries?

VAT rates differ from country to country but they are also different depending on products or services and the time of interest as VAT rates are always updated especially during 2020 with the COVID19 pandemic. The EU has made available on the ec.europa.eu website the whole list of VAT rates for products and services for the EU states.

This includes reduced rates for both products and services as well as a search function with guidelines on how to use the search engine.

  • CN code is applicable for goods while CPA code is applicable for services.
  • You start by choosing the country in which you are interested to find out about the VAT rates and you can also choose specific dates in order to find out what the rate was at the time of your interest.
  • Next step is choosing Category or Categories and of course below you can insert the code of the product or service of your interest.
  • When searching for a CN or a CPA code, the matching associated code is highlighted in bold and in orange.
  • Also apart from the exact match for your specific search all relevant rates (parent and children codes) are returned as well for information.
  • By hovering over the codes even more information is displayed about the specific category.

Visit the Europa portal here in order to search for VAT rates

This is a big step on having a certified valid and unified place where businesses and individuals can search for VAT rates on specific product codes as many times these lists are not easily accessible in some country states. Furthermore the europa website provides the confidence of  having these VAT rates updated, especially now with the COVID19 rates implications as many temporary rates have been introduced by several member states in order to provide relief to their economy and businesses.

If you are looking for VAT rates for 2020 or 2021 vat rates or even 2017 vat rates then you can go on the europa search engine and find out what the vat rates were at that time. On this portal you will be able to find all VAT rates, reduced and temporary rates, in both products and services. We believe that this addition to the europa portal will provide a big help for every business or individual looking for VAT rates for 2021 

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