Italy: Simplified Tax Return Process Unveiled for 2024

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In a bid to streamline the tax return process, significant changes have been introduced, making it easier for taxpayers to fulfill their obligations. The Tax Compliance Decree, along with Circular 8/E, brings forth several innovations aimed at simplifying tax returns and deadlines.


Key Changes: 


1. Streamlined Submission for 730 Form:
  • Employees and pensioners will benefit from a simplified mode of submission for the 730 form.
  • Declaration forms for income tax, VAT, and IRAP have undergone revisions, enhancing ease of completion.
2. Pre-filled 730 Forms:
  • The Revenue Agency will provide pre-filled 730 forms to taxpayers, enabling them to verify or amend the provided information.
  • This analytical approach aims to streamline the process and ensure accuracy in reporting.
3. Expanded Scope of Simplified Model 730:
  • The simplified model 730 will gradually be accessible to all taxpayers without a VAT number.
  • Inclusion of foreign income and direct refund requests from the agency are among the notable enhancements.
4. Simplifications for VAT Registrants:
  • Streamlined declaration forms for income, VAT, and IRAP will eliminate extraneous information, facilitating tax settlement.
  • Improved handling of tax credits will benefit economic operators.
5. New Declarative Calendar:
  • Deadlines for income tax returns and IRAP submissions have been revised for 2024 and beyond.
  • Circular 8/E provides an explanatory table illustrating the updated deadlines, ensuring clarity for taxpayers.



Source: agenziaentrate.gov.it

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