Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) – New EU Ecommerce rules

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What is the Import One Stop Shop

The IOSS is a new service provided by the EU to sellers from third countries in order to comply with their VAT obligations in the EU territory. This includes the electronic portal that businesses can use in order to comply with their EU VAT compliance.


Below we offer an excerpt from our OSS webinar which describes in more detail this new EU scheme. GVC can assist you in your VAT compliance and register your company for IOSS.



Are you drop-shipping or selling products of a value less than 150 € into the EU from a third country? Then GVC can help you register for the IOSS in order to simplify your VAT declarations.


Who can register for the IOSS

  • In order to register for the IOSS your company should sell products into the EU from the Third country.
  • The value of the products should be less than 150 €


As a result, the IOSS is a great choice for drop-shippers, eCommerce sellers and online marketplaces (OMP’s) selling into the EU from third countries.


Why should you register for the Import one stop shop? (IOSS)

The Import One-Stop Shop can help simplify the collection, the declaration and payment of VAT for distance sellers to buyers in the EU from a third country.


By using the IOSS you and your customers can benefit from a lower final price for your products since most postal and courier operators include an extra charge for customs clearance. This way the buyer will not be facing any extra fees once the goods are delivered to them.


GVC can help your company with its IOSS obligations.



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