Bosnia and Herzegovina: Government Releases Instructions for VAT E-filing

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 Instructions for timely VAT e-filing were published online by the Bosnian and Herzegovina Indirect Tax Authority. 


The following instructions include:  


  • The deadline for submitting electronic documents is January 2021 onwards 
  • The requirements for bookkeeping and accounting that allow for the accurate calculation of VAT for each tax period 
  • The obligation to work with the Indirect Tax Authority 
  • The 20th of the month after the end of the tax period is the deadline for submitting electronic records. 
  • The duty of the taxpayer to separately record each transaction or delivery made in the VAT returns  
  • The submission of electronic records for transactions that were included in the self-taxation report  
  • The penalties for no e-records submission by taxpayers.


Source: new.uino.gov.ba   

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