For global businesses who must manage their VAT reporting in multiple countries, Global VAT Compliance is a specialized VAT company whose sole purpose is to make sure our customers are fully VAT compliant in all required tax jurisdictions.



Our specialized and professional team of VAT/GST experts can provide a streamlined solution to your VAT registration and reporting requirements in multiple countries.

VAT for eCommerce

Our team of experts have an in-depth understanding of eCommerce as well as extensive knowledge on tax systems and different marketplaces.


Our experts are up-to-date with all the changes in the Digital Service Industry providing VAT/GST solutions to Digital Companies.


Our VAT specialists will assist you on a wide range of advisory services such as Transactional taxes, Customs & Trade, eCommerce, VAT audits and other related activities.


Enjoy having one central place to manage all of your VAT compliance obligations with our easy to use, state-of-the-art portal.

Our team of VAT experts are able to provide you with a complete ‘one-stop’ service which will make sure you are VAT compliant.

A single point of contact supported by an international team of specialists
Industry-leading quality and expertise
Single focus on VAT compliance
In-depth reviews of all transactions and invoices

 VAT number verification and validation
 Cross-checking of your VAT, ESL and Intrastat returns
 Full ledger checks to reduce VAT reporting risks
 As little or as much outsourcing as you require throughout the entire compliance process

Our services ensure you are


so you can focus on your business

Our key characteristics

VAT Accurate Calculation

Thorough preparation, revision and calculation of VAT returns

VAT timely remittance

Be up-to-date with VAT obligations
 Fines and penalties avoidance

Fiscal Representation

 We act as your Fiscal Representative
 Benefit from VAT and cash flow advantages


 Easy to use, state-of-the-art online application that will help you manage all your VAT compliance obligations worldwide
 Enjoy having a complete VAT compliance workflow in one central place

Dedicated Account Manager

 Your Account Manager will be at your disposal in order to receive a personalized, timely and accurate service
 No more dealing with multiple people in different countries

Over 18 languages spoken

 We speak your language
English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Dutch, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian and more
 No more language barriers


Mexico to impose VAT on Digital Services June 2020

As of June 1, 2020 Mexico will start imposing VAT on Digital Services, according to the bill approved by Congress back in October 2019. As of June 1, 2020 Mexico will start imposing VAT on Digital Services, according to the bill approved by...

VAT on Digital Services 2020

The Digital Economy is changing the landscape of international taxation and countries around the world are trying keep up with the new challenges. An increasing number of countries are taxing VAT or GST on digital services supplied from abroad to...

VAT rates for eBooks 2020

Since the European Council agreed to allow member states to apply a reduced VAT rate to electronic publications in October 2018 (1), VAT rates for eBooks have changed fast in EU countries. 2019 witnessed several VAT rate updates for e-publications...

French Anti-Fraud Act 2020

Greetings from Global VAT Compliance! We are pleased to give you an overview of the new French Anti-Fraud Act 2020 which introduces important changes that you need to be aware of. On 24 October 2018, the French Anti-Fraud Act was published in the...

Spain relaxes requirement to be VAT registered for companies with other EU VAT numbers granted

 andEvery time a non-establish company wanted to get VAT registered in Spain they were required to present a series of Apostilled documentation which made the VAT registration process long and complicated. The good news is that the Spanish Tax...

Italy: First Deadline for Remote Sales Goods reporting 31 October 2019

Back in May 2019, the Italian government issued a Decree stating that marketplaces would need to report information related to their sellers activities under certain conditions, if failed to provide such information they would become liable for...


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