For global businesses who must manage their VAT reporting in multiple countries, Global VAT Compliance is a specialized VAT company whose sole purpose is to make sure our customers are fully VAT compliant in all required tax jurisdictions.



Our specialized and professional team of VAT/GST experts can provide a streamlined solution to your VAT registration and reporting requirements in multiple countries.

VAT for eCommerce

Our team of experts has in-depth understanding of eCommerce as well as extensive knowledge on tax systems and different marketplaces.


Our VAT specialists will assist you on a wide range of advisory services such as Transactional taxes, Customs & Trade, eCommerce, VAT audits and other related activities.


Enjoy having one central place to manage all of your VAT compliance obligations with our easy to use, state-of-the-art portal.

Our team of VAT experts are able to provide you with a complete ‘one-stop’ service which will make sure you are fully VAT compliant.

>> A single point of contact supported by an international team of specialists
>> Industry-leading quality and expertise
>> Single focus on VAT compliance
>> In-depth reviews of all transactions and invoices

>> VAT number verification and validation
>> Cross-checking of your VAT, ESL and Intrastat returns
>> Full ledger checks to reduce VAT reporting risks
>> As little or as much outsourcing as you require throughout the entire compliance process

Our services ensure you are


so you can focus on your business

Our key characteristics

VAT Accurate Calculation

> Thorough preparation, revision and calculation of VAT returns

VAT timely remittance

> Be up-to-date with VAT obligations
> Fines and penalties avoidance

Fiscal Representation

> We act as your Fiscal Representative
> Benefit from VAT and cash flow advantages


> Easy to use, state-of-the-art online application that will help you manage all your VAT compliance obligations worldwide
> Enjoy having a complete VAT compliance workflow in one central place

Dedicated Account Manager

> Your Account Manager will be at your disposal in order to receive a personalized, timely and accurate service
> No more dealing with multiple people in different countries

Over 15 languages spoken

> We speak your language
> English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Dutch, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian and more
> No more language barriers


eCommerce in the EU from a VAT perspective

Expanding your eCommerce to Europe and entering into the EU could be a great opportunity for online sellers. Your business will reach millions of additional new customers across the continent adding and diversifying your revenue streams. e-Shoppers...

MTD deferral for GIANT users announced

When Making Tax Digital (MTD) was made mandatory for those companies whose sales were superior to GBP 85.000 back in April 2019, business had to start keeping digital business records and sending returns through MTD compatible software....

Romania to introduce SAF-T files

The new president of ANAF (Romanian tax collection agency) Mirela Călugăreanu, made several announcement regarding the tax system in Romania and among them was the reduction and simplification of the tax system in addition to converting the tax...

Portugal to lower VAT rate on electricity and natural gas

The Portuguese government will drop VAT rates to the reduced rate of 6% on supplies of electricity and natural gas, however this reduction will not apply to all users. Those who will benefit from this measure are the ones that have contracted...

HMRC to increase VAT on solar panels

According to the Independent (1) the British government has decided to increase the VAT rate for solar panels from 5% to 20%, which is a huge hike considering that the Parliament has recently declared an environment and climate change emergency....

France to make Electronic Marketplaces to pay sellers’ VAT

France wants to reduce the VAT Gap which was more than EUR 20 billion in 2016(1) by implementing a series of measures to fight VAT Fraud and electronic marketplaces such as Amazon or Alibaba are being aimed by the government. According to...


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