If you are doing business on a global scale there is a good chance that you are obliged to register for VAT purposes in one or more countries. This comes with numerous requirements and obligations that you will need to comply with. And to make things more complicated? It differs from country to country. Global VAT Compliances’ specialized services make sure you are fully VAT compliant, so you can focus on your expanding business.



VAT Registration

We investigate whether a VAT registration is necessary for your business or if alternative solutions are available. If a VAT registration is the best option for you, we prepare and file all required documents on your behalf, in order to be issued all required VAT numbers as soon as possible. Should you need local VAT representation to acquire your VAT registration, we can act as your Fiscal Representative in all necessary countries. Thanks to our excellent and long-lasting working relationships with tax authorities around the world, your VAT registration will be a smooth and efficient process. Our wide range of VAT compliance services in addition to our all-inclusive approach, ensure further assistance once your VAT number is granted:

 VAT reporting obligations
 Compliance of legal invoicing requirements of sales and purchase invoices
 ERP system implementation support according to VAT requirements

Fiscal Representation

A Fiscal Representative is a tax registered company which will manage your queries and filing obligations while dealing with the tax authorities. Certain countries require you to appoint a Fiscal Representative when your company is established outside the European Union to be completely complaint with your VAT obligations. Alternatively, even if it is not mandatory, fiscal representation can create VAT and cash flow advantages and Global VAT Compliance will make sure you benefit from them.

Fiscal Representative requirements

Please consider that many countries handle strict requirements when granting a Fiscal Representative license. As such, Global VAT Compliance is fully up-to-date with these requirements and in regular contact with tax authorities in several countries.

Fiscal Representation can help you maximize your benefits from the following

 Import VAT deferment license
 VAT Warehouse
 Reverse charge
 Zero-rated trading of excise goods

Joint liability

In some cases, the Fiscal Representative may be jointly liable for all VAT payments of the company. Because of this, it is industry practice to require a security deposit or bank guarantee in favor of the Fiscal Representative to mitigate against potential risks if the company reneges any of their liabilities.

GVC can take care of your VAT registrations and manage your VAT filings in all requiRed tax jurisdictions.

VAT Reporting

Once your business is registered for VAT, you will need to make sure that it is complying with local VAT reporting obligations. Global VAT Compliance’s in-depth knowledge and experience ensure your VAT reporting is always accurate and timely so you are fully VAT compliant.

We can assist you with:

Preparation and filing of VAT returns that meet all local requirements of your specific business activities
 Monitoring of distance selling thresholds and VAT rate changes relevant for pricing and billing

European Sales Listings for your cross-border EU transactions
 Intrastat returns for your flow of goods involving EU countries
 Any other reporting’s including:  

Annual VAT returns
European Purchase Listings
Local sales listings
VAT recovery