These are the latest updates and news regarding VAT in Poland. This post will inform about Poland ratifying SAF-T replacing VAT returns in 2019.

Poland ratifies SAF-T to replace VAT returns 2019

Poland has confirmed that mandatory VAT returns will no longer be required from January 2019. Instead, the existing mandatory Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) regular submission will be modified to include additional VAT credit information so that all the necessary data from the return is captured.
SAF-T was introduced for all Polish VAT registered businesses from 1 January 2018. Known as the JPK in Poland, currently includes the following:
   » JPK_KR – Księgi Rachunkowe (Accounting books)
   » JPK_WB – Wyciągi bankowe (Bank statements)
   » JPK_MAG – Magazyn (Warehouse/Storage)
   » JPK_VAT – Ewidencje zakupu i sprzedaży VAT (VAT evidence)
   » JPK_FA – Faktury VAT (VAT invoices)
   » JPK_PKPIR – Podatkowa księga przychodów i rozchodów (Revenue and expense tax books) » JPK_EWP – Ewidencja przychodów (Revenues registry)

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