Romania: Digitization of the scal system – connecting cash registers, SAF-T, simpler payments, new sites at ANAF and Finance

Jul 8, 2020 | VAT Updates

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The government intends to adopt several measures to digitize and debureaucratize the administration, including the scal one, according to the National Investment and Economic Recovery Plan, presented today. At ANAF, the measures mainly aim at connecting online cash registers with ANAF servers, introducing the standard control le (SAF-T), modernizing the ANAF website, but also that of the Ministry of Finance, but also simplifying the online payment of tax obligations.

A long-awaited measure for the digital transformation of the tax administration is the project to connect electronic scal cash registers . The process started in May 2020. The calendar for connecting cash registers with electronic diary starts with the period July 1-September 30, 2020 for the category of large taxpayers.

From September 30 to January 31, 2021, the electronic scal cash registers used by economic operators in the category of medium and small taxpayers will be connected. Through this project the information from the economy will be received in real time, and the data will be used in the analysis process.

Another important step for the computerization of ANAF is represented by the SAF-T project . This standard control le contributes to improving the quality of the administrative act and supports the tax compliance of taxpayers, but also the detection and reduction of tax fraud and ensuring a more ecient risk analysis. Simplifying payments for tax obligations is another important pillar in the process of digitizing the tax administration. Through the close collaboration with the Authority for the Digitization of Romania, the legal entities have the possibility to make payments with the bank card on the platform.

Another new element is represented by the interconnection of the Virtual Private Space with the platform for the benefit of the over 1.3 million SPV users.

Another objective is the modernization of the and platforms. A partnership with the NGO Code4Romania was started for the website of the Ministry of Public Finance. The project was started in May, the new interface of the site will be implemented in about 3 months. The new portal will meet the highest standards at European level in terms of UX / UI and will set a new level of user quality in terms of government sites in Romania.

The digital transformation of the tax administration and the Treasury aims to eliminate travel, queues at the physical counter and turn them into clicks on electronic devices. Computerization will lead to a simple interaction with state authorities. The results of digitization will translate into a greater degree of transparency, better collection of taxes, a lower rate of tax evasion, eciency and debureaucratization of institutions.


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