Check UK VAT number – New service for UK VAT verification

British Government launched an online service for checking UK VAT numbers. This service is available in English and Welsh and you can check the validity of a UK VAT number. Another feature that this service provides is the name and registration address of the business the VAT number is registered to.

If you are already a UK VAT registered business, you can use this service to prove when you checked a VAT number. If you wish to have proof of your check, all you need to do is check the appropriate box beneath the search field in which case a new field will pop up asking for your own valid VAT number.

You can find this service in the government website here.

After you insert the VAT number in the requested field you will then be informed if the number is valid or not along with the company’s registered name and address. UK VAT number can be 9 or 12 numbers sometimes with a GB at the start.

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