Brexit: Post office duties for UK holiday shoppers

The Brexit transition period is officially over and UK residents are starting to see some of the consequences of Brexit since many parcels are currently held at the post office until all duty fees are paid. UK government made known that for items with a value of more than £390 customs duties will have to be paid. Recipients have to clear all fees and VAT charges, where applicable, before they receive their items.


An additional consequence of Brexit is the extra red tape regarding posting as the additional CN22 or CN23 document will have to be filled in with details such as content description, value of contents and weight, in order to ship small parcels towards EU.


Incoming alcohol from the EU is also subject to limitations from now on. People bringing in alcohol for personal consumption from the EU to UK are limited to 4lt.of spirits or liquors over 22% in alcohol, 42lt. of beer and 18lt. of wine. Tobacco allowance is also limited to  200 Cigarettes.


These changes affect both individuals as well as small businesses trading from the EU and UK. Fortunately, this one year transition period has been detrimental to adjusting to the new norm as well as the latest EU & UK Trade deal which will soften the blow for domestic UK and EU product trade.



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