VAT on Digital Services

in Latin America

For Non-Resident Companies

The digital industry continues to grow at an accelerated speed with Digital Services playing an increasingly important role in driving the global economy. As governments across the world are rapidly introducing new tax measures in an effort to capture the resulting revenue, managing VAT compliance has become ever more challenging.

Join our 1 hour session  Wednesday 28 February at 1 PM CET (GMT+1) to overcome those challenges and grow your digital business. 

For more information about the webinar, check the agenda and read about our speaker Paul Bakker.



Latin America’s emerging focus on taxation of digital services

The OECD toolkit for digital taxation

Comparative study of regional approaches to VAT on digital services across Latin America

Future VAT considerations on digital services


Meet our speaker

Paul Bakker

Managing Director at Global VAT Compliance

With over 20 years of experience in indirect taxation and procedural tax advisory, Paul leads GVC’s consultancy and digital taxation practices, performing both legal analyses and tax analyses of international transactions.


Paul is recognized by International Tax Review World Tax as one of Netherland’s leading Indirect Tax Advisors. Besides advising clients at GVC, Paul is a member of the Dutch Association of Tax Lawyers (NOB) and teaches tax litigation (Moot Court) at the Leiden University.


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