European and US Approaches to Indirect Tax in Cross-Border Trade

In the US, businesses navigate complex tax regulations at the federal and state levels, with over 10,000 taxing jurisdictions, making compliance daunting. Similarly, in Europe, companies face challenges due to varying tax structures and VAT regulations across member states. This complexity can pose significant compliance challenges for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.

Watch our webinar as we examine the fundamental principles underlying each approach, shedding light on the core philosophies driving indirect tax policies in the EU and the US. By examining these principles, we aim to provide insights into the regulatory frameworks governing cross-border trade, empowering businesses to make strategically informed decisions in an increasingly interconnected global marketplace.

Our webinar features promintent experts from both sides of the Atlantic: Brian Greer, Partner and Chief Revenue Officer at TaxConnex (United States) and Paul Bakker, a Managing Director at GVC (Netherlands).

Whether you are a tax manager, financial executive or a legal advisor, involved in cross-border trade, this webinar will provide insights that help you make informed decisions for your business, in an increasingly interconnected global marketplace.

USA sales and use tax compliance

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