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Updated German VAT rate tables

A taxable supply is one that involves the provision of goods or services that are subject to a VAT rate, including zero rate. In Germany, VAT-registered sellers of goods and services must charge the appropriate VAT rate and collect the tax for payment to the German tax authorities via a VAT filing system.

Germany’s standard VAT rate is 19%. Some goods and services are subject to a reduced VAT rate of 7%. Some services (including banking, health, and social work) are VAT exempt.

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Germany VAT Rates

Type of rates


Type of products or services

Standard rates 19% All Taxable goods and services not included in the reduced or zero rates
Reduced rates 7% Some Water Supplies
Medical Equipment for Disabled Persons
Local Public Transport
Books, Audiobooks and Newspapers
Writers / Composers
Agricultural Inputs
Hotel Accommodation
Admission to cultural and certain sports events
Social Services
Take away food
Medical and Dental Care
Cut flowers and plants
Types of gold coins and jewellery
Zero rated 0% Intra-community and International Transport (with some exclusions)
Option to tax for exempt supplies. For certain VAT-exempt supplies, such as land, buildings, and financial transactions, the supplier may elect to classify the transaction as taxable and, if certain conditions are met, collect corresponding input tax. Additional conditions may apply. The supply or service must be supplied to an entrepreneur for commercial purposes.

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German VAT Rates & Covid 19

Numerous nations introduced temporary modifications to their VAT rates in response to COVID-19. VAT rate reductions on products and services sold by companies that were particularly hit hard by the pandemic’s economic fallout—such as the hospitality sector—were the most prevalent.


To learn more about the implications of COVID-19 in Germany, please visit our news section by Clicking Here

Last Updated: 16/01/2022



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