We have a team of experts with in-depth understanding of eCommerce as well as vast knowledge on the tax systems of different countries. You can enjoy the freedom of being fully VAT compliant while you receive the highest quality tax support, so you can focus on your expanding online business.

VAT for Amazon Sellers

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Pan-European FBA (6 or 7 countries)

With Pan-European FBA, you will be able to sell across the European market while storing your inventory in all Amazon’s Fulfillment Centres.

Under this program, your products are eligible for Amazon Prime and your customers can enjoy faster delivery times as your inventory will be closer to them. This also means you will be paying the lowest fulfillment fees.

Multi-Country Inventory or MCI (2 to 5 countries)

With MCI, you are able to choose which countries you ship and store your stock in, with Fulfilment Centres available in seven countries in the EU to choose from. Your products will be closer to your customers in those countries so they’ll benefit from faster delivery options, and you’ll save on cross-border EFN fees in those countries too. Your products are Prime eligible too.

European Fulfilment Network or EFN (1 country)

With EFN, you ship and store your products to one Amazon’s Fulfilment Centres and have the opportunity to fulfil your orders coming from customers in all Amazon European marketplaces. You will enjoy Prime eligibility for fast delivery.

Under this program, Cross-border EFN fees apply for orders to any of Amazon’s other European marketplaces.

FBA Program EFN MCI Pan-European FBA
Storage (countries) 1 2-5 6-7
VAT numbers required 1 2-5 6-7
Marketplaces to sell 5 5 5

Whether you are using Pan-European FBA, MCI or EFN, Global VAT Compliance has a solution for your online business. We have a dedicated Amazon VAT team with in-depth understanding of FBA program as well as vast knowledge on tax systems of different countries. You can enjoy peace of mind that you will receive the highest quality VAT support so you can focus on your expanding Amazon business.




Country VAT Filing frequency Standard VAT rates Distance Selling Thresholds VAT returns Deadlines Fiscal Representation
UK Quarterly 20% GBP 70.000 7th next month
DE Monthly 19% EUR 100.000 10th next month
FR Monthly 20% EUR 35.000 19th next month Required
IT Quarterly 22% EUR 35.000 last day of second month Required
ES Quarterly 21% EUR 35.000 20th next month Required
PL Monthly 23% PLN 160.000 25th next month Required
CZ Monthly 21% CZK 1.140.000 25th next month
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