VAT for Crowdfunded Companies

You succeeded getting crowdfunded in Kickstart, IndieGoGo or other platform? See how you can get your rewards and products to your campaign backers and customers while being fully VAT compliant!

You are an entrepreneur who had a vision and wanted to take it to the next level. You carefully designed your product or service, planned your crowdfunding campaign and successfully reached your funding goal. Now it is the time to start production and deliver rewards to backers who can be spread all over the world. You should know this last step has important VAT implications and Global VAT Compliance can make sure your are fully VAT compliant in all required tax jurisdictions.

We understand there is nothing easy about crowdfunding campaigns and they take a lot from you. Global VAT Compliance knows it and wants to help you be fully VAT compliant.

Distributing physical goods across the EU to European backers?

Global VAT Compliance can advise and assist you with your VAT obligations to distribute your products across the EU and all Europe.
If you are fulfilling your orders to your European campaign backers from an EU warehouse, then you will need to be VAT registered in the country where the warehouse is located. In addition, if you will be using warehouses located in the Netherlands, we can make sure you benefit from VAT Cash Flow advantages by applying an Importing Deferment Licence.

If your orders grow beyond your crowdfunding campaign, we can make sure you are fully VAT compliant in all countries where you will delivering your orders.

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Are you in the Digital Service business?

Did your campaign fund your Video Game, ePublishing Media project or any other Digital Service and you now need to deliver that service to campaign backers? Global VAT Compliance can assess your need to be VAT compliant in the EU or other countries around the world who apply VAT to all digital services provided remotely.


If you plan to offer your eService globally and beyond the crowdfunding campaign, we can make sure you are fully VAT compliant in all required tax jurisdiction across the globe.

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