Indirect tax Advisory

Transaction taxes

Entering new markets comes with many challenges and often dealing with VAT & Customs are two of them.  At Global VAT Compliance we have experience with overcoming these challenges so that you can focus on your business.

Besides handling compliance in multiple jurisdictions, businesses are looking at their Indirect Tax position as part of their strategies to generate value across complex operations and supply chains, increase efficiency and contribute to the management of regulatory and enterprise risk. Additionally, in the current age of automation, there is a need to understand how technology can add value.

With almost 150 countries operating VAT, GST or VAT-type regimes, the management of VAT and other indirect taxes is a compelling issue for any company conducting business across international borders. As VAT is charged and collected at every stage in the supply chain, failure to understand requirements or to attend to the details can lead to irrecoverable VAT costs. With VAT rates ranging from 5% to 27%, your liability can grow dramatically.

Customs & Trade

With increasing globalization and even eCommerce in the B2C area becoming trule Global, is is obvious that for a multinational company's success today the efficient integration of customs and trade processes is crucial for being successful in the overall business goals, tax planning and supply chain management. Any shortcomings in an organization's international trade planning, internal controls and compliance processes may cause it to overpay duties, overlook compliance issues and incur unnecessary costs and penalties. Governments around the world are expanding their audit efforts to enforce compliance with import and export regulations.

Our Global eCommerce support

Our expertise contains all sorts of aspects, not only relating to VAT & Customs duties.  Here are some examples of the issued we have worked on for our clients:

  • Classification of goods and services
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Customs and trade advisory
  • Duty calculation
  • Delivery terms
  • Product classification and tax rates
  • Certain product labelling requirements (i.e.WEEE and Private Copy Levy)
  • Country specific Food taxes (i.e. Sugar and Chocolate Tax)
  • Invoicing requirements.

VAT Audit

We are able to provide VAT audit solutions in an ever-evolving regulatory environment. Our expert team will ensure that your systems, processes and procedures all perform to the highest possible standards, identifying and managing risks resulting from complex sale and purchase flows. 

  • Installing internal VAT control steps
  • Improving cash flow
  • Maximising the recovery of your local input VAT
  • Improving VAT processes and procedures, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your compliance team
  • Implementing and incorporating automated VAT systems