Saudi Arabia is enforcing E-invoicing (Fatoora) Phase One from December 4, 2021.

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The enforcement of Saudi Arabia’s e-Invoicing program, locally known as Fatoora, is on 4th December 2021, at phase 1. The generation and storing of electronic invoices and electronic notes will be mandatory to local taxpayers as well as to companies issuing tax invoices on behalf of suppliers for VAT purposes.


The new regulation is an integral part of the VAT Implementing Regulation issued by the Board of Directors of the local tax authorities by Resolution No. 3839 dated 14/12/1438 H “The Implementing Regulation.” 



Quick Recap: What do we know so far? 

E-Invoicing to become mandatory in two phases 

GAZT E-invoicing FAQ 



Prepare your business for e-Invoicing 

ZATCA has recommended these four steps your business can do to ensure timely readiness: 


  • Understand e-Invoicing requirements 

Familiarize yourself with e-invoicing leveraging the materials available.


  • Use a complaint solution based with the E-Invoicing requirements​ 

Taxpayers can approach a solution provider or their internal technical teams to acquire or upgrade to a compliant solution.​ 


  • Test your e-Invoicing solution 

Test your e-Invoicing solution before 4 December 2021 to ensure invoices are issued correctly.


  • Ensure your staff is ready

Create awareness amongst your staff and ensure relevant staff is familiar with your e-invoicing solutions​​​ 



SourceZakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) KSA 


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