We believe in partnerships.
We believe in long-term relationships that bring value to both businesses.
And now we are making it easier than ever before for you to offer our VAT specialized services to your clients and generate an additional stream of revenue to your company.

Why partnering with Global VAT Compliance?

We are VAT Specialist

As our name suggests, our sole focus is on providing bespoke and specialist VAT compliance. Our team is up-to-date with all VAT regulations to provide the best tax support.

We are global

We are already working with an ever-growing list of international companies. Our wide range of services ensure your clients will be fully VAT compliant wherever their business is established.

We are working for you

Add a new revenue stream by referring clients and letting us do what we do best, VAT compliance. Your clients will get access to the best service while you profit out of it.

We are independent

Our independence ensures that we will always work without any audit conflicts, so you will receive the best possible tax support for your own best interest.

Benefits for your business

 Add an additional revenue stream to your business

 Add value to your clients and strengthen your proposition

 Support from experienced GVC Account Managers at all times

Benefits for your clients

Get fully VAT compliant in all required tax jurisditions

Personalized, accurate and timely service from our Account Managers

Access to mytaxflow®, our state-of-the-art online portal to manage all VAT obligations.

We can fully customize mytaxflow® and the entire customer VAT journey for a complete outsourced international compliance service.

We are already working with

Logistic companies

 International suppliers



and more…

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