Netherlands: VAT on purchases from UK Ecommerce Shops after Brexit


Dutch Customs issued a warning to consumers about the potential extra costs that might occur from their online UK purchases.


More specifically Customs warns consumers that, on top of the amount of their purchases from a uk-based webshop, they must also pay VAT on purchases costing €22 or more. On products with a purchase value greater than € 150, the consumer pays import duties.


The rules for ordering from a British webshop will be the same from 1 January 2021 as if someone orders something outside the EU, such as in the United States or China. VAT and import duties are paid to the parcel delivery company, who also charges customs clearance fees.


Research showed that consumers believe that the extra costs deriving from Brexit will not affect their shopping behavior towards UK online stores but that is yet to be confirmed.


The VAT rules for webshops will change as of 1 July 2021. From that date, webshops from outside the EU will also have to charge VAT on packages up to 22 euros. For Dutch consumers, this means that the package from outside the EU will be 21% more expensive.


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