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Leveraging Tax Technology and Partnerships

Join us for 1 hour session Thursday 28 September at 1 PM CET (GMT+1) for our upcoming webinar designed for indirect-tax teams.

As the world of tax is expanding, it is also becoming more complex. Shifts on a global scale such as constantly changing tax rules, the evolution of eCommerce and digital services or growing demands for more transparency from tax authorities, are causing tax and finance departments to spend a disproportionate amount of time on compliance activities.

To help indirect tax service providers expand their services globally, we’ve crafted a special webinar, to discuss possible partnership opportunities and our VAT compliance software Mytaxflow. Our webinar will be hosted by Paul Bakker, a Managing Director at GVC and Martijn de Jong, Chief Technology Officer at GVC.

Whether you’re looking to fortify your understanding or considering a collaboration, this webinar offers a unique vantage point.

Join us and equip your tax team with practical solutions and actionable strategies. For more information about the webinar, check the agenda.

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You will learn about: 

The evolving landscape of tax
Shifting the vision: Redefining Global VAT Compliance

The potential of tax technology to streamline VAT compliance services globally

Harnessing tax technology for VAT compliance

Maximizing partnership potentials


Meet our speakers


Paul Bakker

Managing Director at Global VAT Compliance

With over 20 years of experience in indirect taxation and procedural tax advisory, Paul leads GVC’s consultancy and digital taxation practices, performing both legal analyses and tax analyses of international transactions. Paul is recognized by International Tax Review World Tax as one of Netherland’s leading Indirect Tax Advisors.

Besides advising clients at GVC, Paul is a member of the Dutch Association of Tax Lawyers (NOB) and teaches tax litigation (Moot Court) at the Leiden University.


Martijn de Jong

Chief Technology Officer at Global VAT Compliance

A specialist in binary solutions, Martijn focuses  in the development of websites, internet applications, mobile apps, and SEO with a pragmatic approach. His philosophy says “Automation is meant to solve problems, not to create more problems.”

Martijn always strives to develop an appropriate solution that seamlessly integrates with businesses.

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