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The Italian VAT refund can significantly impact a company’s financial health by injecting recovered funds back into operations, enhancing cash flow, and potentially improving profitability.

Navigating the complexities of the refund procedure can be a significant challenge for finance and tax teams. From the financial constraints of guarantees to rigorous submission deadlines and communication hurdles, the process presents numerous challenges that demand a streamlining approach.

In response to these challenges, Global VAT Compliance offers assistance in reclaiming your VAT refund, a complaince process which serves as an alternative to the requirement for a guarantee.


Challenges and complexities of the annual and quarterly Italian VAT refund claims

In general terms, a company can recover the input VAT credit arising from periodical VAT balances through the submission of the annual VAT return or via quarterly VAT refund requests. The VAT claims, however, can be cumbersome and often lead to the accumulation of refund claim procedures for many reasons.



Bank guarantee requirement & certificate compliance


For VAT credits higher than 30,000 EUR, it is necessary to provide alternatively different forms of guarantees. The bank guarantees in particular are time-consuming processes which do not generate  cash over at least 3 years of time.


Given the complex framework of these requirements, it is not unusual that a single wrong wording or choice of a bank leads to rejection of the claim by the tax authorities, as for example not every bank can provide the guarantee, heightening the risk of delays and financial strain.

Communication and Documentation Requirements


Upon receiving the VAT refund request, the Italian tax authorities check the effectiveness of the VAT credit by requesting the documents underlying the VAT credit.


Communication is typically done via digitally or physically, requires meticulous record-keeping, prompt responses and sometimes, meetings to speed up the process.

Submission Deadlines

VAT refund claims must adhere to specific forms and submission deadlines, including quarterly and annual VAT return due dates, necessitating careful planning and timely submissions.

In response to these challenges, Global VAT Compliance is offering a compliance process which is an alternative to the requirement for the guarantee. Reclaiming your VAT refund with GVC’s assistance ensures a seamless process free from risks associated with meeting demanding requirements.


How We Can Help


Collecting all relevant documents


We handle the gathering of all necessary documentation,  streamlining the preparation process for reclaiming your VAT refund.

Drafting VAT refund requests


Our experienced professionals draft meticulous VAT refund requests tailored to your company’s specific needs and circumstances, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Submitting the refund application


We navigate the intricate application process for the VAT refund on your behalf, liaising with authorised intermediaries and overseeing the certification process to secure the necessary validation for your VAT credit claims.

Assisting in all VAT refund procedures


From initial submission to follow-up communications and queries from tax authorities, we provide comprehensive support at every stage of the VAT refund procedure, ensuring prompt and efficient resolution.

Liaising with tax authorities


Our dedicated team acts as your primary point of contact with tax authorities, facilitating smooth communication and ensuring all requirements are met on time.

Our compliance process is an alternative to pursuing guarantee requirements

High success rate in obtaining the VAT credit through a certified validation

Expedited VAT refund process

Improved cash flow: No frozen bank guarantee fund


For more information on Italian VAT refund process, reach out to one of our VAT experts.

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