Invoicing in Portugal

Portuguese invoicing requirements

Taxable people must present an invoice for all supplies of goods and services, including exports and intra-Community supplies, as well as any advance payments made to them, according to Article 29 of the Portuguese VAT Code.

An invoice must be provided whenever the taxable amount or the associated tax is changed. Within Portuguese territory, items in transit must be accompanied by a particular delivery note or invoice, which must be filed to the Portuguese tax authorities electronically before the commencement of the transportation.


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Full VAT invoice

A full VAT invoice must include:

  • The names, trade names, or business names of the supplier of goods or services, as well as the taxpayer’s registered office or domicile, as well as the related tax identification numbers.
  • Business VAT Number.
  • Invoice Date.
  • Quantity of goods or services supplied, with information to determine the applicable rate. If the packaging is to be returned, this should be indicated on the invoice.
  • Price net of tax, the applicable rate, and the amount of tax due. If the supplies to which the invoice relates are subject to different rates, this information (and information about any nonapplication of tax) must be broken out by rate.
  • Justification for nonapplication of tax, if applicable.
  • The date on which goods were made available to the person acquiring them, services were rendered or payments on the account created before the supply of goods or services, if such date is different from the date of issue.
  • Reference to the reverse charge, if applicable.

Issuing invoices through a certified invoicing program is mandatory for taxable persons who:

  • Have a head office, fixed establishment, or domicile in Portugal, or other are obliged to raise invoices.
  • Have had, in the previous calendar year, a turnover exceeding EUR 50.000 (or in the year in which the activity begins, the annualized turnover exceeds EUR 50.000).
  • Use invoicing software.
  • Are required to have organized accounting or have chosen to do so.

This is applicable to even more VAT registrations as of 1 July 2021.

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Simplified Invoice

Portugal has granted simplified VAT invoice requirements for small businesses if the invoiced amount does not exceed EUR 1.000



  •  Date of issue.
  • Supplier’s VAT identification number. 
  • Type of goods or services supplied. 
  • Price of the goods. 
  • VAT amount payable – or the information needed to calculate it. 

Invoices must be issued within five working days when the service is provided. 


In transactions with non-taxable people, there is no need to print or submit e-invoices. When customers/recipients are non-taxable, taxpayers are liberated from printing paper invoices and/or sending electronic invoices, provided that the following requirements are met cumulatively:


  • The tax identification number of the purchaser is included in the invoices.
  • Invoices are processed and communicated to the PTA through a certified computer program.
  • The taxable person has opted for the transmission of invoices in real-time to the PTA.

This is not possible when the acquirer asks for a physical or electronic invoice.

Portuguese VAT invoices must be issued within six months after delivering the product or service. Then you need to store these invoices electronically for ten years.

Last Updated: 17/01/2022


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