Vietnam: New Decree Extends Tax Payment Deadlines for 2024

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The Vietnamese Government issued Decree No. 64/2024/ND-CP, extending payment deadlines for various taxes, including VAT, corporate income tax, individual income tax, and land rental taxes. The decree specifies the following extensions:


  1. VAT for May is extended to November 20, and VAT for June, July, August, and September is extended to December 20.
  2. Q2 and Q3 VAT for 2024 is extended to December 31.
  3. Individual income tax and VAT for business households for 2024 are extended to December 30.
  4. Q2 2024 estimated corporate income tax is extended by three months.
  5. Fifty percent of 2024 land rent payments are extended from October 31 to December 31.


The decree takes effect on June 17 and remains in force until December 31.


Source: baochinhphu.vn

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