Webinar: VAT / GST on Digital Services for Non-Resident Companies in Asia

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Join us for 1 hour session Wednesday 29 November at 1:30 PM CET (GMT+1) for our upcoming webinar on VAT / GST on digital services for non-resident companies in Asia.


In an era where digital transformation is redefining business paradigms, understanding the evolving VAT systems, especially in the dynamic Asian market, becomes paramount. We are thrilled to bring to you a webinar that delves deep into the nuances of VAT evolution in Asia, in the backdrop of the rapidly expanding digital economy.


To help indirect tax service providers expand their services globally, we’ve crafted a special webinar hosted by Paul Bakker, a Managing Director at GVC.



Asia’s emerging focus on taxation of digital services

OECD Asia toolkit for digital taxation

Comparative study of regional approaches to VAT/GST on digital services

Future VAT / GST considerations on digital services

As a VAT professional, you will find this webinar to be a critical update on the shifts in VAT rules affecting digital services in Asia. Join us and get equipped with practical solutions and actionable strategies.


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