UK: New Customs Declaration Service

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From 1 October 2022, import declarations must be made through a new system Customs Declaration Service (CDS). Declarations made through Customs Handling Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) will no longer be accepted.


Are you preparing your import declarations?


If you are now preparing your import declarations and want to use the CDS,  you need to urgently follow the instructions by the HMRC (Declarant checklist – moving to the Customs Declaration Service).


Using a customs agent


A customs agent who already has migrated to the CDS will be able to perform declarations on your behalf. However, for your customs agent to make import declarations on your behalf, you must take urgent actions advised by the HMRC here: Trader checklist – moving to the Customs Declaration Service.


Global VAT Compliance can assist your business in registering in the Customs Declaration Service.


We can register your company to the Customs Declaration Service and assist in collecting documents for the postponed VAT accounting as well as the C79 import VAT certification.


Should you be interested in such registration or have any further questions, please contact us via info@gvc.tax. One of our experts will assist you as soon as possible.



New direct debit instruction for the customs declaration service


It is important to note that if a duty deferment account is already used, a new direct debit instruction will have to be set up before 1 October 2022 for CDS. If the instruction is not set up, you won’t be able to use your duty deferment account and immediate payments will need to be performed each time an import declaration is made.


If you continue to use CHIEF for other goods movements, you do not need to cancel your CHIEF Direct Debit Instruction. In this case, two separate Direct Debits will be required – one for CHIEF declarations, and a separate one for the Customs Declaration Service. The same liability will not trigger a double charge.




Source: www.gov.uk

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