Slovenia: Stricter VAT Enforcement and Penalties for Late Filings

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Taxpayers are informed of the Slovenian Financial Administration’s stricter penalty policy effective January 2024. The focus will be on penalizing habitual late filers of VAT returns, even after receiving reminders.


The administration will no longer grant extensions for VAT return submissions after reminders, emphasizing compliance with Article 88 of the Value Added Tax Act (ZDDV-1). The goal is to enhance taxpayers’ discipline in future VAT filings.


As per Article 88 of ZDDV-1, taxpayers must submit VAT returns to the tax authority by the last working day of the month following the end of the tax period or by the 20th day of the following month if a recapitulation report is required. VAT return submission is mandatory regardless of VAT liability for the tax period.


Failure to submit VAT returns on time or in the prescribed manner constitutes a serious tax offense. Penalties range from €4,000 to €75,000 for legal entities, €3,000 to €50,000 for sole proprietors, and €400 to €5,000 for individuals.



Source: gov.si

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