Portugal extends VAT filing and payment deadlines due to COVID-19

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As COVID-19 continues to impact business across the world, more and more countries are extending deadlines for tax obligations to help businesses cope with challenges caused by the pandemic. Portugal is no exception as it readjusted the 2021 fiscal calendar for VAT, income tax and the period for which PDF invoices are accepted as electronic invoices (1).


VAT filing implications

The deadline for monthly filings that are usually due in June and July (tax periods of April and May) is extended by 10 days. This means that the taxpayers have time until the 20th of that month to submit their tax returns. Respectively the deadline for a payable VAT amount is postponed to the 25th of that month, extending the deadline by 10 days.


For example, a company that usually files its April VAT return by the 10th of June can now do so by the 20th of that month without incurring penalties. Furthermore, if the company has to pay VAT, they can do so until June 25th.


Electronic invoices

The new deadline for complying with tax obligations through PDF invoices is  September 30th 2021 even though they do not comply with e-invoicing rules. This measure changes the original date set on June 20th 2021 and extends it by 3 months.

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