Poland: New Intrastat reporting thresholds for 2024

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Poland’s authorities have announced updated Intrastat reporting thresholds that will be effective from the upcoming year. Here’s a brief overview:


Intrastat Declarations Overview:


Intrastat declarations are mandatory filings for businesses registered in a member state if the value of goods dispatched (supplied to VAT-registered customers in other EU member states) or the value of goods acquired (from VAT-registered suppliers in other EU member states) surpasses the relevant threshold of that member state.


2024 Reporting Thresholds:


For the year 2024, the specified thresholds are PLN2.8 million (approximately USD 708,500) for dispatches and PLN6.2 million for acquisitions. Businesses falling below PLN150 million for dispatches or PLN103 million for acquisitions are exempted from providing statistical value information.




Source: gov.pl

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