Norway: New Digital VAT return starting 2022

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Starting 2022 Norwegian digital VAT returns will endure some changes. There will be a testing period by the end of 2021 before changes come into force but businesses should already start preparing their accounting systems for these changes in filing their digital VAT returns.


The new VAT return will be based on the SAF-T standard in order to make the reports more detailed and it is going to be extended to 30 boxes from 19 previously.


These VAT returns will be submitted online through each company’s accounting systems (ERP).

This means that businesses should get their systems ready by the end of 2021. The new format of the digital VAT return will reduce submission time and make the process automatic and accurate.


In order for this to be successful, proper mapping should be in place and all businesses must replace/upgrade their reporting systems according to the new standards as manual changes will be hard to do.



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