Mexico: New Decree Grants Tax Privilege for the Primary Sector

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Mexico issued in the Official Gazette a Resolution of administrative facilities for the primary sector for 2022 in agriculture, forestry, livestock, and fishing activities.   


Key advantages on VAT include: 


  • Taxpayers have the option of making provisional income tax advance payments and filing VAT returns every six months, rather than monthly.  


For the purposes of Article 32, section VIII of the VAT Law, the information may be supplied during the same periods when provisional income tax payments are made.  


In the case of legal entities referred to in Article 74 of the Income Tax Law that fulfil their tax obligations on behalf of their members, they are required to submit the information required by this rule on an aggregate basis for their operations and those of their members, for business activities conducted through the legal entity. 


The Resolution went into effect on 30 April 2022; but the benefits extend for the whole fiscal year of 2022. 



Source: dof.gob.mx   

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