Ireland: Revenue commissioners release guidance on VAT

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The Irish Revenue Commission issued eBrief No. 214/22. This is to provide VAT guidance to taxpayers.


The guidance is as follows:


Clarification  Effectivity Date
The 9% VAT rate on supplies of gas and electricity was extended until 28 February 2023 1 November 2022
The VAT Deductions on new stocks, shares, debentures, and other securities for raising capital 15 December 2022
The obligations of VAT traders to notify the tax agency regarding intra-community trade 15 December 2022
The exemption of medical professionals and financial funds from VAT which is registered in other EU member states and independent groups of persons carry out taxable activities 15 December 2022
The application of zero VAT on specific items 1 January 2023



Source: revenue.ie

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