Hungary: Information Booklets on EU Intra-Community VAT Rules

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The Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration issued Information Booklets Nos. 27 and 29, providing comprehensive guidance on VAT rules for EU intra-community transactions. The booklets cover various topics, including:


  1. VAT Exemption and Treatment of Triangular Transactions:
    • Explaining exemptions on specific asset transfers.
    • Detailing VAT treatment for triangular transactions, with exemptions for intermediate customers.
  1. Intra-Community Tax-Free Sales and VAT Treatment of Community Purchases:
    • Clarifying rules for tax-free sales within the community.
    • Outlining VAT treatment for purchases of goods within the community.
  1. Taxation of Chain Transactions and Cross-Border Services:
    • Addressing the taxation nuances associated with chain transactions.
    • Providing insights into the VAT treatment of cross-border services.
  1. Changes to Intra-Community Distance Selling Rules:
    • Highlighting modifications to distance selling rules within the community.
  1. Special Rules for Determining the Place of Performance for Services:
    • Elaborating on specific regulations for determining the place of performance for services.
  1. Invoice Issuance Requirements:
    • Outlining the requirements for issuing invoices in intra-community transactions.
  1. Detailed Information on Community Tax Numbers.



Source: gov.hu

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