Greece: Parliament initiates legislation to implement EU Tax Transparency Directive

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The Greek Parliament initiated a legislative process to transpose EU Directive 2021/2101, which outlines tax information declaration requirements for specified entities. The proposed bill encompasses the following measures:


  1. Publication of Annual Income Tax Information: Ultimate parent companies in multinational groups, with consolidated revenue exceeding 750 million euros (approximately US$796.4 million) in each of the past two consecutive financial years, will be obligated to disclose annual income tax information.
  2. Extension to Large Standalone Enterprises: The requirement for publishing tax information will also be extended to large standalone enterprises that meet the 750 million euro revenue threshold in similar periods.
  3. Responsibility for EU-Based Subsidiaries: If an EU-based medium or large subsidiary belongs to a non-EU parent company and meets the 750 million euro consolidated revenue threshold in similar periods, it must adhere to the publication requirement with respect to its parent.
  4. Guidelines for Report Content and Preparation: The bill will establish clear guidelines for the content and preparation of the required reports.
  5. Publication Timeline: Reports must be made available to the public within 12 months from the end of the financial year.
  6. Responsibilities of Corporate Bodies: Roles and responsibilities for members of the administrative, management, and supervisory bodies of both parent companies and entities will be defined.
  7. Energy Supplier Transparency: Energy suppliers are required to prominently display on their websites, by December 1, the pricing parameters of the special tariff methodology for each category of customers.


Source: hellenicparliament.gr

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