Greece: Parliament considers bill to boost economy through tax measures

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The Greek Parliament agreed to consider a bill that proposes changes to various tax measures. The bill seeks to implement several measures, including an extension of the validity period for reduced VAT rates of 13 percent and 6 percent on specific items and services until December 31.


Additionally, the bill proposes an exemption from excise duty on specified energy products and an extension of the deadline for applications for inclusion in or continuation of the alternative method of taxation from March 30 to June 30. Furthermore, the bill proposes an exemption from the payment of fines under specified conditions to accommodate the payment of tax debts. The transfer taxation on sales and purchases of ships, and the taxation of dividends of shipping brokers and related companies would also be amended. Finally, the bill seeks to calculate the main uniform real estate ownership tax (ENFIA) for 2023.



Source: hellenicparliament.gr

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