France: Public consultation for the VAT Single Taxable Person scheme

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A public consultation was released by the French General Directorate of Public Finance regarding the VAT Single Taxable Person scheme. The responses are due  March 31, 2023. 


The VAT Single Taxable Person scheme tackles the following:


  • the general overview of single taxable scheme;
  • the creation of taxable entities and eligible persons;
  • usage of organizational, financial, and economic connections in determining the scope of the entity;
  • conditions for establishing the entity;
  • entity’s entry, exit, and dissolution;
  • implementation of the VAT regime to transactions;
  • entity’s rights to deductions;
  • reporting obligations and formalities.


The scheme considers each member state of the European Union as a “single taxable person.” It is based in their territory, which is legally independent but has a solid financial, economic, and organizational tie to one another.



Source: bofip.impots.gouv

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