France: Government updates E-invoicing FAQs

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The French Directorate General of Tax Administration modified its e-invoicing FAQs.  


The updated topics include:  


  • E-invoicing techniques for specific transactions, 
  • Requirement for companies to meet certain deadlines before they begin sending e-invoices, 
  • The data transfer process of administration, 
  • Single taxable entities’ assessment, invoicing, and data transfer requirements, 
  • The range of transactions entitled to electronic reporting, 
  • List of trades involving a single taxable company not requiring e-reporting; and, 
  • Requirement for military and security firms to use electronic invoicing.  


In the case of international B2B transactions (cross-border goods and services to and from enterprises outside of France), the data to be communicated will be similar in format and substance to that of necessary for e-invoicing (with the exception of the registration number for the international firm, which will not have a SIREN number).  



Source: impots.gouv.fr   

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