Finland: Government Declares Penalty Exemption of Late VAT Filings for OSS-Registered Nonresident Companies

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The Finnish Tax Authority releases an exemption of delayed VAT reporting penalties for companies registered in the EU One Stop Shop (OSS) system and supplies goods to Finnish consumers. The waiver runs from March 1 to September 30.    


The announcement includes:  


  • The option not to issue payment details or collect late filing charges is an unusual step that does not qualify for VAT exemption. 
  • The ruling is exclusively applicable in Finland and cannot be referenced to other EU tax authorities. 
  • The choice was made in response to the challenges that several member nations are having in adopting the OSS system.  
  • VAT will accumulate and become payable at the standard timeframes. 



After September 30, Finland will resume tax collection activities.  




Source: vero.fi   


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