Australia on its way to electronic invoicing

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Mandatory use of electronic invoicing in Australia is expected in July 2022. Australia has become a real proponent of e-invoicing as currently it is investing heavily on infrastructure and programs in order to achieve the widespread use of electronic invoicing in both public and private sector. Within these programs for its Digital Economy Strategy, new incentives have been announced by the government for the adoption of e-invoicing by private companies.


The Australian Peppol Authority and Treasury will promote awareness on e-invoicing by:


  • Collect information about the use of the electronic invoice and the level of implementation of e-Procurement.
  • Continue working with states and territories to increase the adoption of e-invoicing in B2G transactions.
  • Promote educational activities for the entrepreneurial sector.
  • Work with payment service providers (EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, New Payments Platform Australia-NPPA) to explore opportunities around the electronic invoice that can complement the payment experience of companies.
  • Explore new incentives to accelerate the adoption of the electronic invoice.


Source: edicomgroup.co.uk



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