France: Electronic Invoicing will be mandatory starting 2023


One by one, all countries are hopping on the electronic invoicing train which is a natural evolution of the new digital era. France is also slowly updating its systems to steadily integrate e-invoicing for all transactions.


The purpose of E-invoicing is to help in reducing VAT fraud and also automate the process which will make everything faster and easier. This will reduce administrative and invoicing costs and will help digitally track every transaction. VAT reporting will also benefit from this change as automation will make reporting easier since all data will be available and processed beforehand.


France is planning to make electronic invoicing obligatory starting 2023 and gradually introduce it for inter-company payments and b2b transactions by 2025. The criteria for this obligation will be the size of the company as well as the company’s activity.


Starting 2023 all systems should be upgraded to accept electronic invoices and large companies will be required to submit e-invoices.


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