VAT on digital services

We understand the digital economy and its VAT challenges

An increasing number of countries are taxing VAT or GST on digital services supplied from abroad to consumers. Global VAT Compliance is up-to-date with all of these new regulations and provides VAT/GST solutions to digital companies worldwide.

VAT digital services

VAT & GST on electronic services

An increasing number of countries are taxing VAT or GST on electronic services supplied from abroad to consumers. As of 2015 the EU applied the Mini One Stop Shop which enables trader to register in one country and report and remit VAT for the entire EU. Global VAT Compliance files EU VAT MOSS returns in various jurisdictions throughout the EU.

Also, countries outside the EU have implemented a mechanism to charge VAT, GST or similar transaction taxes on supplies made from other countries to private individuals.

Our expertise contains all sorts of aspects, not only relating to VAT & Customs duties. Here are some examples of the issues we have worked on for our clients:

  • Classification of goods and services
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Customs and trade advisory
  • Duty calculation
  • Delivery terms
  • Product classification and tax rates
  • Certain product labeling requirements (i.e. WEEE and Private Copy Levy)
  • Country specific Food taxes (i.e. Sugar and Chocolate Tax)
  • Invoicing requirements

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