Brexit: UK releases two guides to importing and exporting between GB and the EU


Further information was released by the UK government website regarding Brexit. This information provides further clarifications on exporting and importing goods from to EU and the UK.


Even though there was a transition year before Brexit took place there seems to be much confusion and chaos especially when it comes to customs and products imported in GB or exported to the EU. Many UK sellers have paused all exports at this time waiting for processes to be smoothed out. Even big transportation companies such as DB Schenker had to pause all transports until all paperwork for import-export processes is resolved.


In their efforts to provide all necessary information these two guides were released by the UK government.


How to import goods from the EU into Great Britain

This guide provides information for standard import procedures as well as procedures for controlled goods. At the same time information is provided for businesses wanting to import with a delayed tax declaration or postponed accounting.

Information is provided regarding declarations, simplified declaration procedures, and if you choose to use transit to import your goods.

You can find this guide here: View guide


How to export goods from Great Britain into EU


This guide goes through exporting processes but be aware that exports currently can involve many intricacies so it is always better to use an intermediary company who will guide through all necessary processes. At this moment additional processes may be required depending on what location of exit you are using.


This guide will take you through all standard export procedures for normal exports or temporary movement of goods or if you plan on using transit to export.

You can find this guide here: Click here


GVC can help you with all of your VAT obligations regarding Brexit. Please contact us for a VAT assessment of your company.



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