Netherlands: Top 40 Customs questions regarding Brexit


After the 1st of January, many businesses and individuals are at a loss regarding customs procedures between the EU and the UK. For this reason, the Dutch tax authorities released the 40 most frequently asked questions regarding Customs and Brexit.


This release provides adequate help for everyone that wants to know the current customs situation between the UK and the EU, more specifically the Netherlands.


You can find  answers to questions such as:


Q: What do I need to import or export goods to and from the UK?

A: You need to be able to import and / or export goods to and from the UK at least an EORI number. With that, you are able to mandatory
to make reports in declaration systems of the Dutch customs. 

Q: How can I contact Customs electronically?

A: If you want to exchange electronic messages with Customs yourself, you have a “Registration electronic messaging ”is necessary. You can download the application via this linkMake sure you have an EORI number. You need this number for a customs declaration does or has it done, or applies for a permit from us.


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Q: What happens to Ferry traffic between the Netherlands and  the UK?

A: From 1 January 2021, ferry traffic between the Netherlands and the UK will exceed the external border of the EU. In collaboration with other parties in the logistics chain, the governments ensure that the ferry process is organized. There will customs formalities that must be completed. These are, for example, declarations for bringing in goods, which puts those goods under the supervision of customs and of course many of these will lead to import duties, sales tax or excise duty.


Q: What happens to fish caught in UK waters?

A: As for the introduction of fish caught in the territorial waters surrounding the UK, you have to take into account that regardless of the nationality of the fishing vessel, the fish no longer has EU status. Under certain conditions, this fish is possible exemption from customs duties. The exemption is requested in the release for free circulation to be lodged for this fish. Fish caught in the high seas by British-flagged vessels does not have an EU either customs status more. If you land this fish in the EU, you will have to deal with EU customs import procedures at the port of landing in the EU.


Many more questions are answered in this release such as:


What changes in the trade between the EU and Ireland?

What is the procedure for returned goods?

What is the process for importing UK packaging?

What is the procedure for exporting packaging and empty packaging?


If you want to read the full release please click here.





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