Brexit: Checklist for businesses importing from the UK to EU


The EU released guidance on steps needed to make sure that businesses can import products from the UK with no delays at customs under the new Free trade agreement.


This is a brief checklist that every EU importer should take under consideration before starting the process.


  • First, you have to verify that your products are subject to import duties when importing in the EU.
  • Regarding the origin of the products, you can either claim this preference (o% custom duties) by using a statement of origin from the UK supplier/exporter OR you can claim this preference on your own knowledge of the products origin. For the latter, you need to make sure that you have all of the appropriate documentation to prove the product’s origin.
  • Check that the exporter reference number (EORI) is mentioned in the statement of origin.
  • Make sure the products are not altered in any way during transportation. (in accordance with the non-alteration rule)
  • In order to claim the preference, you will need to insert in your import declaration the code ‘GB’ for the preferential country of origin. Code U116 should be used for a single consignment, Code U118 for multiple shipments or Code U117 in case the claim is based upon your knowledge.
  • Keep all documents in record for a minimum of three years in case you need to provide documentation to the customs authority in the future.
  • If you are importing small consignments of products originating in the UK from a private person to a private person of less than EUR 500 or in traveller’s luggage of less than EUR 1200 then you do not need to base your claim on a statement of origin on your own knowledge.
  • When the import declaration is submitted or even after the importation of the products you might be asked by the customs authority for a verification of the origin of the good.
  • In the above case you need to provide evidence for verification to the customs authority of the member state of importation. If the claim was based on the statement of origin then the statement of origin will be required. If the claim was based on the importers’ knowledge then you may need to provide more information or specific documentation if the customs authorities require it.
  • You will need to comply with the precautionary measures if the customs authorities suspends preferential tariff treatment for  your products while waiting on the results for the product’s verification.



This information is only indicative and is subject to change. Please consult the europa website by clicking here in order to view the latest information regarding imports and exports in the UK and EU.



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