FTI Global VAT Compliance

Globalisation has had a major impact on businesses worldwide and  increasingly, businesses need to cope with VAT reporting in multiple jurisdictions. This creates risk and consumes valuable time and resource..

FTI Global VAT Compliance offers a unique and comprehensive approach to managing this problem and our specialist team have proven experience in all domestic and cross-border VAT reporting services.

Our team of VAT experts will assess your specific requirements, minimise your costs and maximise your long- term efficiency and accuracy. Whether you are thinking about insourcing, outsourcing or co-sourcing, we can assess your individual needs and advise on the right approach for your business.  

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Our services include:


  • - VAT Registration
  • - VAT Representation
  • - VAT Reporting


  • - ERP implementation
  • - Tax engines (bolt-on tax applications)


  • - VAT Compliance
  • - VAT Automation 
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An all-inclusive approach

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We apply our expertise to 5 VAT Compliance service areas

Our service overview